Robbers who rob boutiques so they can dress & look like ‘Big boys’ arrested in Lagos

A 4-man gang of armed robbers who specialize in stealing from boutiques as well as telecoms shops all in a bid to look like ‘Big Boys’ have been arrested in Lagos.

The gang members, Ozioma Ike, 20, Kenechukwu Anierobi, 23, the gang leader, Obi Gaza and Ugo Nnakue, 26 who are all apprentice at Lagos auto parts market, were apprehended recently in Lagos after Ozioma was arrested on May 18th  in Mushin with a bag containing many cell phones.

On interrogation, Ozioma confessed to belonging to a gang of armed robbers. He was taken to the Mushin police station from where he was transferred to the State Anti Roberry Squad Ikeja, where he led the police to where the others were.

Ozioma’s confession

“I sent Kenechukwu to follow Obi and the other one to break a shop at Mushin and one boutique on Nkenu Street in Ajao Estate. They went with one rod and two iron cutters. I sent them two times. I shared their loot with my roommate. I chose my size of jeans and shoes and started wearing them. I received four phones while my roommate got about five. We break shops to get expensive shoes, clothes which ordinarily we could not afford. But it was just to show off as big boy traders in Ladipo market and its environs.

In our second operation, I got 12 jeans trousers, two wrist watches and 13 assorted shirts which I kept for personal use because I did not loot to sell. We succeeded in the third operation but one of us, Kenechukwu, was arrested by police. When police arrested him, we ran away but he later brought SARS operatives to arrest us despite the oath we took not to betray any member in a situation like that. For three years, as an apprentice, my master (who is even my brother) refused to settle me. He even found it difficult to give me pocket money to be like my peers; that was why I joined the gang to get fine clothes to wear like my mates.

We shared our loot in our sponsor’s house. In the first operation, I got 15 jeans trousers and 10 tops (shirts), while in the second, I got 21 jeans trousers and 13 tops. I used my bag to pack some of the loot. We hanged somewhere till 4 am before we started working towards a bus stop. We steal to show off as big boy traders in Mushin,” he said

Another member of the gang, Kenechukwu said

“I hustle in Ladipo market. usually charged N1, 000 for carrying an engine. I joined them to break shop in Mushin where we got 35 phones. We used cutter, chisel and wheel spanner to break shops.”

Police say all of them will soon be charged to court.

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