Wizkid’s babymama talks getting pregnant so young, the shame she felt and overcoming it

Sola Ogudugu and Wizkid welcomed a son in 2011 when Sola was just 19 years old. Speaking about her experience for the first time yesterday in celebration of children’s Day, Sola, now 24, said she had only just started having sex when she found out she was pregnant, implying Wizkid disvirgined her. She said she didn’t even know she was pregnant until she was about five months gone

“I remember the day I found out I was preggers! After 5monthsss… Damn! I Swear I died and rose again! Lol.. Can’t believe I’m laughing now. I cried for the remaining 4months… I just kept saying to myself everyday ‘God why me’ Ahhhhhh mahn… ThoseWereTryingTimesYo!It was like film trick…” she wrote

She also talked about the shame and frustration she went through. See that after the cut…

“To think I just started having sex at the time… I was just frustrated… Like who sent me it’s funny now.. wasn’t funny then oo. Imagine seeing your monthly period unknown to you that there’s a baby growing in you! MAHNNNNNN!!!! God is great!!”

She said she was in her final year at the university when she discovered she was pregnant

“That was the greatest challenge ever! Was in my finals.. I still struggled and finished Uni with Good grades.. And guess what? My son is 4! I’m still overwhelmed but I Thank God for how far he’s brought me and how much my Lil man has grown.. I’m Thankful”

She also talked about the struggles of being a single mum

“Forget all the fleeked out make up and good cloths… Being a Mum is one hell of a job talk more being a single mum at 19!”

And how life is for her now…

“When Jesus Says Yes Nobody Can Say No…. That was how God wanted things to go in my life oooo…Boluwatife!”


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