Fat Amy, Film, and Photoshoots

Dances With Fat

l saw the new Pitch Perfect movie last night.  I’ve seen the first Pitch Perfect movie many times.  I loved it, it was not without problematic things, but I thought that it also did a lot of subverting stereotypes and bigotry as well.  Near and dear to me was the character Fat Amy who was written to be stereotypical in some ways (the un-athletic funny fat friend etc.) but also had high self-esteem, tons of love interests,  and a starring role – a main character in a big movie who is unapologetically fat and was shown as a sexual being with a story line that didn’t involve dieting. This is a big deal, so I was super excited to see the new one.

[Semi-spoiler alert – while not revealing any specific things, the next paragraph will talk about plot points] So imagine my disappointment when Pitch Perfect 2 opened with, and a lot of the…

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