14yr old girl charged after video of her attacking boy goes viral (pics from the attack)

A 14yr old school pupil has been charged to court for assault after video of her shouting obscenities and punching a boy in the face went viral online. The schoolgirl, whose name was not revealed to the media because of her age, was in her school uniform when the attack took place and was filmed by another student who shared the video on Youtube. It now has over 3million views since May 14th.

The girl can be heard screaming at the boy who is taller than her but never attempted to hit her…

‘Are you gonna go get your cousin?’, adding: ‘Your cousin can’t do dirt on me – you understand? Do you think you are a bad youth” the girl screamed. Then she said ‘Are you trying to p*** me off?’ before adding: ‘I’m going to smack this yute.’ She mocks him saying: ‘Are you going to cry? Are you going to cry?’ then she punched him
Police were then alerted to the video and the girl was subsequently arrested and later charged. More pics after the cut…
see photo below:

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